Arabian Nights    NC 17     

        work in progress  



Faithless -  co-written with Robin - work in progress  



Heroes    PG 13 

        Will is being made the reluctant hero after the battle of Wolf (forget the number).  Picard is all but disabled emotionally, and an unscrupulous PR officer shines the spotlight on Will to further her own career. 



Hostage      co-written with Sarajayne       R         




Overdue Rendezvous     PG 13     

        This takes place before the hottub scene, but after the library in Insurrection.



Romulan Captor     PG 13

        Will and his prisoner crash land their shuttle and the tables are turned.  A look at racial and culture stereotypes from the Romulan point of view; and how he struggles to reconcile what he was taught about humans, and what he is experiencing now.



The Statue    PG 13  

        Deanna pays a visit to Will as he convalesces after being held prisoner for months by (the cardassians?).  They found a way to combine love and art; proving once again that it really is in the eye of the beholder.



Temporality    PG 13-R  

        Will Riker is lost in a time & space anomaly while someone very like him takes his place on the Enterprise.



The Unbroken Bond   co-written with Anya     R  

        Novel length (70,000 words). Will and Deanna take different paths as she begins to see Worf, and Will takes command of his own ship to escape the conflict he feels.   Things end up just as any Imzadi fan would hope for, but this story is at least a two hankie, maybe three.  There is death and loss, and also sexual content, some of which may appear violent in nature.  Mature audiences only please.

This story is long, so please be patient while it loads. ;)



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