The Beach of Memories  - work in progress   PG 13        

       Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to go with it, but at what price?



Family Ties That Bind Series


    A Child's Lead      PG

             Deanna and Will meet each other again after six years and his daughter helps bring them together but when Will is called away on a dangerous assignment will it be the end of imzadi?



    Illusions of Grandeur     PG 13     

             Takes place about a year after A Child’s Lead (You should read that before this one). All is not well in Imzadi Paradise leading to an event that shocks everyone.



    Family Secrets  - work in progress   PG 13    

            Third installment for series




Perfect Rhythm    PG 13

       Can't give away the summary. Just gonna have to read it :)


 Thoughts    PG

       Dee's thoughts after the kiss in her office in Insurrection. Response to QD's challenge.



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