Eternity       PG        

        A tribute...



Fair Trade        PG-13                    

        Loosely based on the season 7 episode "The Gambit part 1.



Seven Seas   - work in progress    R        

        What would Riker be like as a pirate...



Star Trek Nemesis: Sins of Blood   - work in progress    R        

        From Star Trek Nemesis...



Stranded         R           

        What if? "What's this?" Lily Sloane asked in confusion as he handed her the PADD.


"Instructions for Commander Riker. Telling him to find a quiet corner of North America and stay out of history's way." With a tinge of sorrow, Jean-Luc Picard’s blue eyes met hers for the last time as he sent her to the escape pod. Finally he stood alone on the bridge, staring down at the spinning blue-green world that in three hundred years would be his birthplace, his home away from the Enterprise. The prison he had just condemned his entire crew to hide in for the rest of their lives.



Synthesis   - work in progress         R                        

        Roughly a sequel to "Fair Trade". I wanted to write how their relationships changed in the aftermath. Mostly fluff set in and around Season 7 episodes.







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