After Work    R    

        Post Nemesis.



Changing Nature    PG    

        A survey team doesn't answer their hails, and the away team is attacked by wild animals, which leads to a traumatic experience for Riker.



Explosive Mixture     PG

        Tony Satie, son of Admiral Norah Satie, is on board the Enterprise when an explosion badly damages one of the warp nacelles.



Gulliver's Travels     PG    

        The starship Gulliver has been traveling all over the galaxy, and the Enterprise has to trail it before Riker succumbs to a deadly disease.



Kidnapped     PG    

        Asked to perform a wedding on an Earth colony, Picard and Riker beam down to the bachelor dinner. but things go drastically wrong.



The News    PG    




One Q Too Many    PG    

        Q reappears after a shuttle crash leads indirectly to Riker's disappearance. Only Deanna can save his life.



Revenge Is A Dish Best Eaten Cold     PG   

        Several attempts are made on Riker's life. Will the crew be able to sort out what is going on, and catch whoever is trying to kill him before the person succeeds?



The Wedding    PG      

        At last, Riker and Troi have achieved wedded bliss. But their honeymoon is rudely interrupted, and they meet someone from their mutual past.




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