A Dream    PG    



Assumptions    PG
        Is she in love with someone else? Is he seeing another woman? A lot of things happen before they find out the truth.



Fun and Fear On Valentine's Day    PG 13
        Just what the title says.



I Surrender    G    
        Deanna's POV.



I'm Scared    G
        After the Borg attack Will is on Earth, Deanna is on Betazed. Both are scared, lonely and miserable. What can they do to solve the situation?  Someone will help.



Kisses    PG 13     

        The crew celebrates New Year's Eve.  After Generations (Data has his emotion chip), before First Contact.



One Moment In Time    PG
        Will and Deanna meet for the first time after their time on Betazed.



The Psyche    PG 13
        Dreams complicate reality.



Tears in the Rain    G
        Deanna helps Will to grieve and accept his feelings after he has lost someone who meant more to him than he had realized.



Time Well Spent    PG 13
        Christmas trees, snow angels, gingerbread houses, mistletoes...



The Ultimate Choice       PG 13    

        Set sometime after Generations



The Union    PG 13
        A shoreleave to Betazed gets a lot more complicated after Will and Deanna take part in an ancient Betazoid ritual.



The Wait    G
        Is he going to show up or not? Deanna's thoughts after a night out with Will.






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