Amanda Gayle

Daddy's Little Girl      PG      

        Will is teaching at the academy and Deanna is head of Psychology.  They are the parents of twins and are living in the Picard family home.  Isabelle, their daughter, sees and explosion and is plagued by nightmares and fears of losing her daddy.  



Down In The Valley     PG-13                  

        I've thought it would be amazing if Will was in the scene where Deanna is sorting through her mother's things and not the Capt. in Dark Page.



He Found Her Broken     R     - work in progress              




Her Reflection     PG-13                  

        Added scene to Face of the Enemy.



'The Loss' Challenge Response     PG                  

        I'd always been intrigued with what got Riker to Sickbay with Deanna. How did they get from her realizing she'd lost her empathic sense to the biobed...



Mended Heart    PG      

        A short piece that deals with the episode "Second Chances". 



Missing You     PG     

        Deanna has made a life for herself after Will's death, but when she finds out he is alive, how will her life be affected.



Promises Kept    PG      

        Will is involved in an rescue mission and becomes severely injured.  Will Deanna be left to raise there newborn daughter alone? 



Scarlett's Revenge     PG     

        Deanna and Will have recently moved to Betazed.  There three year old daughter falls ill.  Will Deanna and Will's most trusted doctor be able to save her?  A little P/C too.   (unfinished fic)



The Troi Family     PG     

        Based on Peter David's Timeline in Imzadi.  A story about Deanna, Kestra, and their little sister Taylor.







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