Decisions    PG 13    

        Will and Deanna are faced with a few life-altering decisions that could profoundly affect their lives.



Defining Moment   G 

        A moment of pure, unadulterated happiness causes the imzadi couple to examine all that transpired to lead them to that point.



Foreplay   PG 13 

        Love exists without bounds, a timeless, endless bond is completed, and Will and Deanna looked towards a future... together.



Identical DNA   PG 13       

        A 'moment in time' from Second Chances. This scene picks up right after Deanna tells Lt. Riker that they both need some time to think. He bids her goodnight and leaves her quarters..



The Massage   PG 13 

        Deanna has a rough day and Will has a plan to help her relax.



The Music Box     PG

        Deanna discovers a music box in Will's quarters..



New Beginnings    PG 13   

        Will and Deanna are a newly married couple...



The Payback    PG 13   

        Will returns from a grueling away mission... also a follow up to "The Massage"



Realization   G    

        Very short story.  A day in the life of Will.



Settling In   G    

        Very short story.  Companion ficlet to 'Realization'  from Deanna's POV.



Yuck?!?    PG 13    

        Challenge response.  Missing scene from Insurrection




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