Rising Sun


Challenges     PG 13      

        A Pretender/ST: TNG Crossover... Troi’s life hangs in the balance as Jarod and Parker play the game of hunt and seek.



Cold Case    PG      

        Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.
Part four of a cross over story arc that includes: The Pretender - Timeless, JAG - Statutes of Limitations, First Monday - ... and Justice for All and ST: TNG - Cold Case.. The other parts may be found on Rising Sun's website linked below.  



Deanna Found     PG 13     

        So what EXACTLY did happen that year?.



Deanna Lost    PG      

        Riker vs Riker, Picard vs Luxanna, Deanna vs the abyss, and you still have no clue. 



Pre Nemesis     PG 13     

        Having decided to marry Troi and Riker face a challenge to actually saying “I DO”.







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