A Date Which Will Live In Infamy     PG 13

        The heart of Starfleet is struck, and the Enterprise steps in to make things right and proper again.



Before You Sleep      R

        Will and Deanna have divorced, but they find happiness in each other once again, with the help of their only son.



Dark and Fine: Fallen Into Shadow      R         

        A story of the tall, bearded man and the petite, compassionate Betazoid, in a completely different universe.



Dark and Fine II: Playing With Starlight      R         

        Sequel to Fallen Into Shadow.



Gone      R

        Song fic: The tables turn with Will and Deanna, and sometimes the most important things in his life are taken unbelievably for granted.



Meant To Live      PG 13        

        Alternate universe. Deanna and Will have died, but not without leaving a young son in Beverly and Jean-Luc's care.



Perfect      R

        Song fic: Deanna has married the wrong guy, and unfortunately, she’s had to learn it the god-awful hard way.



Redair      R




Time      PG 13        

        Involves character death...



Unbelievable     PG

        Will proposes .



What Goes Around Come Around      PG 13

        The title says it all, really.



You're Still You      PG 13

        The years have past without him, and so have the people he has grown to love.





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