A Piece of Grass in the Jungle   co-written with Laura and Robin     NC 17     

        - work in progress -



Distant Rumblings   PG 

        When Will has trouble during a negotiation, Deanna tries to makes amends with the alien but something goes terribly wrong. Post Insurrection.



Dolphincry   -  work in progress




Dreamers and Music Makers   PG 13

        Centered around the development of a relationship between Commander Riker and Counselor Troi that is due in no small part to their current mission.   Troi receives an empathic distress call that leads the Enterprise crew on an interesting yet dangerous rescue mission.



Guinan's Revenge    PG 13

        Deanna, Beverly and Guinan leave for a seminar and some R&R without realizing just how much the Enterprise and her crew need them there.



It's All Coming Back to Me   co-written with Robin   PG 13

        Will and Deanna are beginning to explore their renewed romantic relationship.  Life is wonderful, until they take a long denied shore leave together and Deanna is accused of a crime. 



Just One Simple Night       PG       

        Little ficlet using the phrase "Distant chords of memory."



Ravages of Time          PG 13                 

        A different look at the shaving in the tub scene from Insurrection.



Role Playing          PG 13                 

        Response to list challenge:    What if Will had to be made over for strange planet's assignment.



Shattered Dreams - work in progress    PG 13

        Sequel to Dreamers.



Suffer the Weeds    PG 13

        Will leads an away team (including Deanna) on a mission to Risa to recover an unauthorized craft that has landed on the planet of pleasure.



Time In A Bottle          PG 13                 

        Could an archaeological find influence the bond that exists between Captain Riker and Counselor Troi-Riker.



Untitled Response to untitled project     PG 13

        Weekly challenge response - A strange little night vision...




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