A Bride's Wish - Maybe?    PG 13    

        A wish for Deanna..



A Friendly Affair: Two Lost Souls            PG                       

        Chronicles Will and Deanna's time together through the various stages of their



A Little Bit of Time    G      

        A melancholy evening for Riker on the eve of a life-changing day.



Avoidance    PG 13    

        Between Insurrection and Nemesis..



Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them - unfinished fic    PG 13

        A get together in Will's quarters turns into a debate of the sexes. A fun little story.



Dealings of the Heart     PG 13    

        Will has a choice to make, and the two women in his life aren't going to make it easy.



Don't Blow Up The Ship!     PG 13                       




For the Better    PG 13    

        Challenge response for missing scene in 'Insurrection'..



Getting Into It        R          

        Post-Insurrection, just after they beam back from the Ba'Ku plannet.



Gotta Have A Sense Of Humor    PG        

        A little surprise for Will and a sense of humor for Deanna. Pre-Nemesis.



Lunchtime     PG                       




Metaphors of the Mind    PG      



The Night Before The Wedding    PG    

        This story takes place just before the events in Nemesis unfold as the title would suggest.



On New Ground            PG                       

        work in progress...



Popcorn Surprises    PG    

        This story is set the day before Insurrection begins.



The Precedent  - work in progress    PG 13    

        This explores Will's past in the present day. 2379 is the current year in the Trek saga.  This falls in line with the cannon time line and cannon history of Will and Deanna's relationship.



Quantum Flux and Life Deluxe   PG 13   

        Will and Deanna find themselves in a maze of quantum fluxes, but who is really behind their dilemma?



Seriously?     PG 13                       




Simple Answers    PG      

        "A moment in time piece" as QD says. A short one, and a very simple one. Nothing fancy. Hope you like it. This is Post-Insurrection.



Skipping Stones      PG                       




Stalking The Twitch   PG      

        Will receives some news he isn't sure how to react to.



Starbase 39  - work in progress   PG     

        Response to anniversary challenge...



Staring It In The Face    PG      

        About this time before the wedding...if you're going by Starfleet time, that is.



Trail of Revenge    PG 13       

        The boys want revenge on two sly females who managed to humiliate them.



The Truth Be Told        PG          

        Will is judged before a court of his peers...



Up Early    PG      

        Post Nemesis...Riker does a bit of reflection.



The Way It's Supposed To Be    PG      

        Basically everything changes so if you don't like change - then either don't read this story or learn from it.



Worthy of Time - work in progress   PG 13     

        Set during Deanna's vacation to Earth during Barclay's hologram abduction.






Star Trek: Titan 

        Circle of Fate - Part I       PG     

                Episode one in new series Titan. 



        Circle of Fate - Part II       PG     

                Episode two.



        On the Hands    PG      

                Episode three - work in progress





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