At Last     PG      

        Deanna and Will are together at last.



Consequences of Life's Little Pleasures     PG      

        A little conversational spoof on Troi and Riker.



Daddy's Little Girl     G      

        A father and daughter are reunited (Follows "Until the End of Time").



Deadly Obsession     R  - work in progress

        Someone has an obsession with Deanna that becomes very dangerous, not only to her, but to Will as well.



Forever Imzadi     PG      

        Deanna and Will learn that they can't be without the other.



If Tomorrow Comes     R  - work in progress

        A simple act of defense tears apart the Imzadi couple. Will they ever be able to be together again or must they go on without the other?



Imzadi Smile     PG      

        Takes place during the episode "The Child" (2nd Season).



Late Confessions     PG      

        Deanna knows she is going to lose Will.



My Immortal     G      

        Deanna says a last goodbye to Will.



Sensitive Situation     PG      

        This is a little spoof on Counselor Troi in the first season.



Tea and Sympathy     PG      

        Takes place after the bar scene from the movie "First Contact."



Until Next Time     G      

        Two sisters have a wonderful time together.



Until the End of Time     G      

        Lwaxana remembers her Little One ("Daddy's Little Girl" follows).



Within the Heart     G      

        Lwaxana and Deanna must cope with the death of Ian Troi.



Without Her     G      

        Will thinks about life without Deanna.




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