After Conundrum     NC-17      

        I hated/loved the episode Conundrum. I can’t stand Ro, this is my revenge for her getting to bed Will. Ro walks in on Riker and Troi together



Bridge Control     NC-17      

        An alternate scene in “Where Silence Has Lease”. A F**k or Die challenge story. 



Future Imperfect     PG      

        Scene during Future Imperfect where Deanna relates to Will that he has a son. This is my version of Riker’s POV during this scene. 



Skin of Evil     PG      

        This is my view of the episode S of E, based on the characters facial expressions and body language, with a few changes. 



Tempted Too Far     NC-17      

        Troi pushes her imzadi a little too far. 








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