A Dream Story     PG      

        When a piece of your heart goes whithout saying goodbye.



A Family Begins     PG      




Back To Betazed     PG 13      

        A trip to Betazed brings memories of an endless love.



The Beginning Of The Future     PG 13      

        When he is finally sure about it there is somebody on his way.



Chocolate     R/NC 17      

        Deanna and a chocolate story.



Everything Will Be Fine Now     PG      

        Sometimes destiny gives us a chance to make the good things even better.



Her Soul Back To Me     PG 13      

        Will tries to get back his Imzadi after losing her.



Hopes and Fears     PG      

        Fast decisions sometimes save great pain.



Points Of View     PG      




To The End     PG      

        They proved that no matter what, they were Imzadi.



What's In Your Heart     R/NC 17      

        The question the branch started but a heart finished.






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