Can't Get Any Worse, Dad!     PG      

        The sweet children have grown! And with them problems Find out about a close to overkill Will and a Deanna in her phase, together with teenage kids and a Crew who has to suffer! 



Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast!    PG      

        Will had betrayed his wife. He now wants to leave,but there is someone who pulls him back by the strings of his heart.



Kids Rule    PG      

        Imagine three Riker-youngsters living on the Enterprise. Sounds like? Well, it definitely is. Beginning with a very serious 8 year old and ending with a very brave 5 year old who turn lives upside down. 



The Mission Part One    R      

        Will has to face a new mission, more dangerous than ever. Now that he has found Deanna again, it is even harder to leave her.



The Mission Part Two    PG 13      

        After Riker is back from the mission he has to face his memories, Deanna tries to help and thru that both find their love.



Watching Will    PG 13      

        This is a very very short piece of a story about Deanna`s thoughts when she sees Will at the Bridge.



What If?     PG     

        What if Will Riker fell in love with another woman? What if this woman is his soulmate from earth? What if the love between him and Hailie was stronger than the Imzadi bond? Wanna find out? Well, read the story :-)







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