Ahavah Yishenah       G         

        In the future, in Alaska and on Betazed.



An Enduring Song       PG         

        Post-NEMESIS. This story is heavy on angst. It is a tale of death and redemption.



Beautiful Boy       PG         

        On board the Titan, way past 'Nemesis'.



Choices       R           

        Post Nemesis, on Titan



Come Back To Me       R         

        Post Nemesis...



Destined       G         

        Post Insurrection - Deanna's POV



Don't Cry For Me       G               

        Deanna's voice - sometime in the distant future.



Dreams and Wishes       G               

        Post Nemesis..



The Dreidel       NC 17    - co written with Mriana     

        An Imzadi short story..



The First Time       NC 17         

        Post Nemesis...their wedding night.



In Another Place, In A Distant Time       NC 17         

        Post Nemesis. This is a tale about the desire for revenge. What happens when Will and Deanna get caught up in an antagonist's efforts to seek retribution? Who pays the price for these efforts?



K'mo Az (As Then)       G           




The Legacy       G               

        At Starfleet Academy far in the distant future.



Let Go Of Your Heart       R         

        After the very end of "Insurrection", with a nod to David Gray.



Like A Moth To The Flame       PG               

        Post Insurrection - Will's POV. Companion piece to "Destined'



The Loss       PG         

        Challenge response to rewrite TNG ep with more R/T moments...



The Miracle       G           




My Love Does It Good       PG         

        Post Insurrection...



No Regrets       G               

        Sometime in the distant future..



Perserve Your Memories       PG 13/R          

        Post Nemesis...



The Road Forward       PG           

        During Insurrection, after the kiss in Deanna's office but before the tub scene.



Take What You Can Get       NC 17         

        After "Nemesis", with a nod to Graham Nash.



Too Late For Goodbyes       G        

        After Insurrection but non-canon..



Traveller's Tale       NC 17      

        Post-Nemesis, with due credit to Aztec Two-Step (Neal Shulman & Rex Fowler).



Whispers of Imzadi       NC 17        

        Spans the years; Earth, Betazed, the USS Titan and the USS Enterprise.



Yes, I Promised You       G         

        Post wedding...



You Were There With Me       R               

        Will and Deanna celebrate their first anniversary..





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