A Little Droozy Drabble    PG

        This started out as a little drabble but got a hold of me to make it a whole story. This is a "little" inside of Will's mind 



A Problem Which Is Always There...     G      

        A little poem 


Am I....?     PG

        A shorty to the inside of Deanna's mind, how she copes with a certain thing.



Feeling Nostalgic   PG    

        Challenge Response from Imzadi list.



The Fight Which Has His Grinch And His Elfs     R

        Will is being played with, just to get him to see certain things. A real Star Trek Christmas Carol..



It's Time   PG    

        This little dibble takes place right before the wedding in the movie Nemesis


Little Fault     PG

        What if the whole history of Star Trek the Next Generation got different, like Tom stayed in the picture? A short one exploring that side.



One Minute Is Already Too Long..  - work in progress    PG    

        Personal log entries for Deanna and Will..



Who Looks At What...?    PG    

        This is a experimental piece.



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