After Shift Surprise     NC 17




Entanglements      R




Evening Interlude     R               

        Six months after Nemesis.



Fur and Feathers      R




Lost Time     PG                   




Misconceptions     R                 

        Two months after Generations.



Missing Scenes       NC 17               

        What we didn't see in Insurrection and before Nemesis.



Remembrance      R

        Before Insurrection.



Research     PG                   

        Anytime Pre-Insurrection.



Respectable     PG                    




Reunited        NC 17               

        Post Nemesis.



Second Glances         NC 17               

        One week after Second Chances episode ended.



Shore Leave      NC 17

        co-written with Robin 



Snapshot     PG                    




The Numbers Game     PG                    

        Post Insurrection.



The Week Before      R               

        Post Insurrection and before Nemesis. Week before the wedding.



Who Knew        NC 17            

        work in progress





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