The Ache     PG




A Bedtime Story   G

        Will tells a bedtime story to his daughter.



A Challenge Response    PG
        Response to a challenge posted to the Imzadi list - see inside for description.



A Mutation To Remember    R



A Promise Of Forever  - work in progress   R



A Trucker's Experience     R
        Response to a challenge posted to the Imzadi list.



A Weighty Issue     PG




A Writer's Imzadi Experience   - work in progress    R      

        Sequel to A Trucker's Experience


An Enemy's Return    PG



Data's Proposal    PG
        Data finds love through Troi's counseling sessions, and to everyone's surprise he proposes to Troi... and Will finds a way to talk some sense into them...



Deanna Troi, Betazoid Housewife    PG
        Deanna and Will take an adventure in modern Earthern Living...



Desperate Times - Desperate Measures     R




Does Mother Always Come First?    PG
        Lwaxana plays a game with high stakes, and Troi must make a decision about her relationship with Will.



Endless Love    PG 13
        Sequel to Timeless Love



Evil's Return     R    

        Another sequel to "Victor's Vengeance", except this time the consequences and prices become much more expensive.



Get Real    PG 13
        Deanna deals with Riker's upcoming marriage to someone else... but can his mid-life crisis last that long?



Is It Worth It?     PG 13 




It's Good To Forgive     PG 13   

        Deanna's husband dies, and secrets about her are revealed to Riker.  But as they are, Deanna becomes sick, and Riker must find an eternal unity...



Late Night Ramblings     PG 13    




Living In The Past    PG 13    




Misunderstandings - work in progress    R



Out In The Open    PG 13     




Parental Guidance - work in progress



Q's Imzadi Experiment    PG
        Q decides to play games with Riker, and everything gets turned upside-down...



Regretting Decisions    PG 13
        Can Deanna and Riker make up for lost time, and can Riker find a way to make up for his past decisions?



Risa Riker     PG 13    

        Will and Wendy's 14-year old daughter finds herself in a jam after her parents die (supposedly ;-), and a torn Troi has to deal with her while at the same time finding Riker...



Second Time Around    PG




Short Endearing Blurb    PG



Suspicious Behavior - work in progress



Timeless Love    PG 13
        Riker and Troi get separated in a hard and fierce battle, and Deanna must face her past after she slips into a coma and finds herself in a strange situation...



To Be Stranded Or Not To Be Stranded    PG
        Deanna and Riker choose the wrong transporter coordinates, and they end up in a very hot place in the universe.



Victor's Vengeance    PG
        The sequel to "Does Mother Always Come First".  The evil presence in the Fifth House of Betazoid, and Riker and Troi must overcome it together - but with each other's help.



William Riker, Mr. Mom     PG 13    

        Deanna and Riker are expecting, and they are in for a big surprise (literally)...



World's Apart    PG 13    

        Deanna is excused from Starfleet, almost unfairly, and she and Riker must face their greatest challenge...



The Wrong Crowd - work in progress



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