All I Needed To Know About Sex I Learned From Will Riker     co-written with Antoa    R/NC 17      

        A response to a challenge that came about during a crazy night in the Imzadi_All chat room. .. 



Child's Play    G  

        A day in the life of the Riker twin's (Deanna and Will's children) with their grandma Lwaxana watching them.



The Dreidel       NC 17    - co written with Kate     

        An Imzadi short story..



The Forth Loss   PG   

        This one is depressing.  A real tear jerker.  How does Deanna cope with another loss in her life?



Hero    R     

        A short story inspired by Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" song and my Imzadi. None of the words to the song are in the story, except for one line sort of, but the nuanse of the song is there.  Still, I have provide the words at the beginning of the story.  Also, there is no dialogue to this story.  It is set sometime after Insurrection.  No infringement is intended with Enrique Iglesias song.



Imzadi: My Version    NC 17

        A rewrite of Peter David's book Imzadi as seen through the author's eyes.  This story begins around chapter 15 of the book "Imzadi".  After the wedding.  Parts are similar due to jump off points to add to what Peter David left out or to change it to how I thought it should be.

This story is about 445k, please be patient while it loads. ;-)



It's Too Late To Love Me Now       PG       

        Deanna POV during Encounter at Farpoint...



Jean Luc's POV on Data and Others    G  

        This was inspired by Nemesis. It is the scene where Jean-Luc is talking to B-4. It's a serious POV.






    The Proposal   R  

        Will Deanna accept Will's proposal of marriage or throw it all away due to past history.



    The Wedding    PG 13  

        Will and Deanna's wedding on Betazed.



    The Reception   PG  

        The Reception on Betazed with Lwaxana Troi.  Will it be a blast or a bust?







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