Bet       R         

        Two ensigns watch an interesting episode between Will and Deanna in Ten Forward and make a bet based on it.



Completion       PG         

        Will and Deanna get married, Betazoid style.\



Every Moment       PG         

        Deanna contracts a rare disease that gives her relationship with Will an ultimatum.



Every Moonlit Night       PG         

        Sequel to Every Moment -- Will and Deanna's daughter has troubling dreams about her mother. But are they just dreams?.



The Feeling I Had With You       PG         

        After Insurrection, Will can't commit, so Deanna runs. With a secret even she doesn't know yet.\



Forever, Love       PG 13         

        The woman he loves helps Will deal with a dream.



Halloween Special       PG         

        At a Halloween party, a bet between Deanna and Beverly heats things up for the whole crew.



Imzadi Revisited       NC 17         

        An AU of the book Imzadi in which Kestra and Ian had never died.\



Imzadi Through Time       PG         

        An answer to a challenge. Imzadi in the Dark Ages.



Jensada       NC 17         

        Sequel/Epilogue to 'Prialve'.



Like I Love You       PG         

        After Encounter at Farpoint, Will and Deanna talk about their feelings for each other.\



Moment       G         

        A moment in the thoughts of Deanna.



Prialve       PG         

        Will and Deanna find out why it's so fun to fight.



Reality Fading       PG 13         

        Response to a challenge. Deanna's new romance must face the hardship of Will's jealousy.\



We'll Always Have Paris       PG         

        A mainly P/C fic with Imzadi tones. The daughter of Jean-Luc and Beverly shows up on the Enterprise and causes a stir.







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