All In A Day's Work    G    

        Wyatt Miller wasn’t the only one who asked for advice from Lwaxana Troi during “Haven”.



Asking For Trouble Series


        Asking For Trouble     PG 13 

                 Tom and Will have a bit to drink.


        Asking For Trouble 2     PG 13 

                 Sequel to above story.


        Asking For Trouble 3     PG 13     

                 Troi/Riker and Tom…. another day in the life.


        Asking For Trouble 4     PG 13     

                 Alaska in the dead of winter...



Ball of Yarn     PG    

        Set during the beginning of the third season, Will becomes Deanna's little ball of yarn.



Beet Red     PG 13 

        A phase story.



Beet Red ... Continuation     R      

        Continuation of Beet Red.



The Braham




The Bumps     PG 13      

        Lwaxana, Deanna and Will take a trip down memory lane.



Cinderella Pirates     PG 13      

        work in progress...



Classes     PG 13   

        Set during the time after Worf and Troi break up, Will and Deanna decide to get back together, they marry, now Deanna is expecting their first child.



The Dance Partner     PG    

        Will's revenge.  Sequel to Ball of Yarn.   



The Darkness Of The Wind      R    

        After being beamed off a planet without Deanna, Will enlists some unlikely help to find her.



The Devil and The Silver Moon    R     

        Set in Alaska with Will, Deanna, Thomas and Jeannie.



The First Dance  

        Will has a special dance.



Hard Ball   R       




Hell's Kitchen   




Hem and Haw   R       

        During Insurrection.



Jealousies and Other Issues   PG 13       

        Challenge Response.. see inside for details.



The Jogger    G     

        A chat with a visitor and Will.



The Joy Of Being A Troi     G     




The Lady In The Doorway - work in progress




The Land Rodent    G    

        Will and Deanna's daughter has a new pet.



The Last Photograph     G       

        Will's thoughts as he poses for pictures.



Manipulations of Matrimony     PG 13      




Married Sex     PG 13      

        Dialogue only ficlet.



Morning Rituals  co-written with Austenwoolf   PG 13          

        This is an answer to a challenge - What would Will do on a forced day off? But in truth there is really no plot...



Mournful Celebrations   PG 13       

        Will and Tom spend some time together.



My Other Side Series  

        Deanna must learn to move on with life....

Part I            Part II            Part III            Part IV



No Games    G     

        A moment in time with Will.



Penguins Series         

        Penguins          PG 13                

                 Will convinces Deanna to take their shore leave at the Yukon.    


        Get That Damn Bird Off My Ship!   Penguins II      PG 13           

                Work in progress - sequel to Penguins.  What happens when the egg hatches on board the Enterprise?



        A Penguin's Honeymoon     Penguins III

                Work in progress - third in the Penguins series.




Pilot to Brigadier    work in progress  




The Protector   PG 13       

        Response to challenge.



Schweet haut     R     

        Thanks to Q - Will and Deanna get thrown back to 1945.



Screams at Midnight     PG    

        Will and Deanna try to get to the bottom of some very strange happenings.



The Secret Proposal      PG       

        Challenge response - what if Deanna was the one that proposed marriage?



Some Things...    PG     

        What *should* have happened at the end of 'All Good Things'.



The Survival Guide   PG 13       

        Before Nemesis - after Insurrection...



The Turn of Time     PG 13    

        Will desperately tries to save Deanna and their son when some unexpected help intervenes.



Who's That Guy     PG    

        Will returns from an away mission only to find Deanna with someone else.  Set first season.



Willful Vengeances    PG 13   - work in progress 




The Yacht Club     R    

        A mystery is unraveling while Will and Deanna are on vacation.






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