A Start       PG 13                        

        Post Insurrection Imzadi Drabble, need I say more?



The Black Void       PG 13                      

        Just a little story of fluff I put together. My first TNG fanfiction.



Calm About It       PG 13                        

        Imzadi Proposal Fluff!.



Captain's Perogitive      PG 13                       

        Just a cute little story, PostNemesis on the Titan.



The Coup       PG 13                  

        Will and Deanna go down to a planet. Will the culture make them fall in love again? or will they be victems of the violent coup?



First Day Fights      PG 13                        

        It's Will's first day on the Titan, and there's a mishap. Story rewrite.



The Floral Countdown       PG 13                        

        Post Insurrection, Pre Nemesis. Will is ging on an away mission and he makes it up to Deanna before he leaves.



Friends       PG 13                       

        I don't know what I was thinking. It's just a little wierd thing i made, i thought someone might enjoy it.



Gone With the Q       PG 13                   

        Yes, that's right! A Gone With the WindTNG crossover! I did it! Actually, Q did it! PC and RT implied..



He Died With His Boots On       PG 13                  

        Upon taking a delegation aboard the Enterprise, Will notices something is wrong. JeanLuc begins to worry about Commander Riker's performance and his trustworthyness. Can Data comprehend what must be done? Can Deanna come to terms with it?



I Was Young Once       PG 13                       

        Retired Admiral William T Riker has to get out of bed. Imzadi Fluff.



Imzadi Again       PG 13                   

        Set right after 'Encoutner at Farpoint'. Will approaches Deanna about the past. AUish.



Imzadi's Arms       PG 13                        

        Little AU Imzadi fluff. T, beware. Kind of explicit, not real bad, but . . ..



It's About Time       PG 13                       

        Another little AU Imzadi Fluff..



Just A Dream       PG 13                        

        Deanna is caught in REM sleep and unable to wake up. She pulls Will into her dream, but will they want to wake up? One shot turned into a two shot.



Just As We Remember       PG 13                        

        Post Nemesis Fluff. Will and Deanna celebrate an anniversary. One Shot.



Knight In Shinning Armor       PG 13                        

        Will has to defend Deanna's honor.



Lifetime Worth of Memories       PG 13                

        Imzadi fic. Sappy romance story disguised as a story with an actual plot. Let's put it that way..



Lost       PG 13                        

        Geordi, Will, and Data were on a planet, when only two of them return, severely injured the crew must find Commander Riker. However, he may not be sane if and when they find him.



Memory Loss       PG 13                        

        PostNemesis on the Titan. Will looses his memory. Quite fluffy.



More Than Infatuation       PG 13                     

        Charcter Death, Imzadi, AU: Captain Picard died as Locuts. The Borg destroyed Earth. Deanna's sudden death brings a realization to Will.



Mother's Recipe       PG 13                 

        Titan! Little DrabbleFluff. Deanna's counseling session. R&R.



Not Really Goodbye       PG 13                                   

        Pre 'Second Chances'.



The Old Fashion Way       PG 13                   

        Deanna is having a problem, but she's too young. She remembers when it happened to her mother. She only needs help from one person now.



Parallels       PG 13                 

        Some missing dialogue that I made up to go in the scene where Worf finds out he and Deanna are married.



Pattern of Behavior      PG 13                      

        It's been a long time since they were together. He knows that they could never be together again, but she's not willing to except that.



Premonition      PG 13                    

        Set after Nemesis, Deanna and Will are on a mission of peace. Deanan has a dream that could upset their entire lives.



Second Chances       PG 13                      

        A one shot afterwards of the season 6 episode Second Chances spoiler. Will and Deanna both have decisions to make. . .



Ship of the ...       PG 13                     

        Deanna and Will are temporarily assigned to the Voyager, who has jsut returned from the Delta Quad. While speaking with Captain Janeway, Deanna lets something slip.



Shoulder to Cry On, Bed to Sleep In       PG 13                     

        Will Riker woke next to a woman he didn't remember going to bed with Just a little Imzadi Fluff.



Sometimes 'Sorry' Doesn't Cut It       PG 13                     

        Sometimes if you say something enough, it looses meaning. Will and Deanna are married, a baby on the way. Character death.



What is Wrong With Me?       PG 13                        

        Just a little fic I made. During Insurrection. Deanna remembers the day AND night's events.



What Makes Them Happy       PG 13                       

        Post Insurrection, PreNemesis. Will just found out that he is going to command the Titan. But he doesn't want to leave Deanna. . .













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