A Halloween Trick    NC 17      

        One magical Halloween night on the Enterprise….



A Picture's Worth A Thousand Memories    PG     

        A Challenge Response - Deanna, fireplace, books, gloominess.



All Kinds Of Wrong    R    

        What happens when a Rocky Horror Picture Show freak gets to play with Gene Roddenbury’s Next Gen characters.



Bittersweet Symphony      R       

        Alternate Universe where Counselor Troi-Riker has a run-in with the Orions.   Orions are mean SOB's. Life is cruel and unfair. Sometimes love ain't enough?



By Any Other Name    PG    

        Will gets Deanna to try new things.


Familiar Strangers   
R/NC 17    

        An alternate universe where Deanna decided to join a not so nice section of Starfleet, and meets Will again many years after they parted ways on Betazed.



In Awe of You    PG    

        Captain Riker has a humbling experience.



Is It Too Late?    PG       

        This one’s from Counselor Troi’s point of view.  Alternate ending to the episode ‘Haven.’ Can be considered a sequel to "It's Not Too Late" but stands on it's own.



It's Not Too Late    PG       

        An alternate ending to the episode "Haven." It's from Riker's point of View.



Loving Memory    PG    

        Involves a character death...



Make Mine A Double    R/NC 17     

        Sequel to Snow Bunnies....



Notice Me    PG    

        Tensions come to a head for the newlyweds aboard the Titan.



Shadow From The Past    PG 13    

        A companion piece to "Notice Me."



She Bangs     R    

        The book Imzadi from Will's point of view, in concordance with the Ricky Martin song.



Sleeping Beauty    PG    




Snow Bunnies    R    

        Response to ‘Phase’ Challenge



Summer Rain    PG    

        Regazi is rained out on Betazed and Lt. Riker decides to cheer up a certain Psychology student of the Troi family.  Note: Regazi is something I made up,  it's an annual Betazoid Festival. Like what we would call a Fair, Carnival, or a Renaissance Festival. It’s a tradition and everyone attends. There are tents with people’s crafts they made for the sharing and purchasing, live music, and basically everyone joins in a picnic of some sort.


This Love   
PG 13    

        Deanna's world is turned upside down, but by whom. spoiler: maybe a tad for "Second Chances." This takes place like a week or so after second chances, and Thomas is on the Gandhi.



Traditions   PG

        A fair exchange of traditions. Note: this story assumes that Riker and Troi stayed together after their little tryst in the jungle, and it is now the season for being jolly. 



Twas The Morning Of Christmas    G       

        The joys of parenthood.



White Wedding    PG 13       

        Lwaxana, Will, and the melding of marriage traditions from two different cultures. Written for a challenge. Surprise couple inside.




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