A Dealer's Joker     PG        

        Takes place after the end of the episode Gambit.



A Heart to Heart Conversation     PG-13        

        After Season 6, but before Nemesis, your decision.



A Little Twist Of The Wrist     PG        

        During the series, say the 6th or 7th season, when Will was definitely looking his best ;-)



A Modern Day Warrior     PG 13/R        

        After Insurrection.



A Weak Moment     PG    

        Sequel to ĎItís All About Sizeí. This time itís Deannaís turn and Willís not letting her get away with it without a little embarrassment.



Beloved Be    R     

        Set between Insurrection and Nemesis.



Continuation of Love Is Thicker Than Embarrassment    R      

        Sequel to Love Is Thicker Than Embarrassment - picks up right after.



Departures     PG        




The Dreams of Ordinary Men     R     

        Takes place during Hide and Q, right after Riker gives Worf his wish. Deanna wasn't in the episode, hence why I'm writing it.



Fully Functional      PG      

        During the episode Manhunt after the conversation in Picardís ready room about the Betazoid phase. Will and Deanna are alone.



Gettin' the Blues    PG 13      

        Challenge response - see story for details.



The Good, The Bad and The Furry    PG 13      




Hair Essence      PG      

        A few months after Insurrection.



It's All About Size      PG

        After a trip to Earth Will returns with a little something extra to his body, much to the entertainment of Deanna and Beverly.



Jealousy Is A Serious Thing      PG      

        Between Insurrection and Nemesis.



King of Hearts      PG      

        Between Insurrection and Nemesis.



Love Is Thicker Than Embarrassment    PG 13      

        Just after Insurrection, before Nemesis.



Petals    PG    

        Set between Insurrection and Nemesis. Deanna remembers Willís proposal, and on the night of his bachelor party Will discovers what is most important to him.


Playing It Safe    G    

        Set during the events of ĎSecond Chancesí. Will is forced to come to terms with his feelings towards Deanna and her deepening relationship with Thomas.



Resistance     R/NC-17        

        Season 1 Ė right after the episode Naked Now.



Second Skin     R       




Turning The Tables    PG     

        Will believes he is losing Deanna, but not everything is what it seems.



Two's Company, Three Troi's A Crowd      NC 17      

        After Nemesis, Captain Riker (or is it Troi) and his wife finally get to Betazed for their ceremony.



Understandings      G      

        During Nemesis just after Will returns to the Bridge following the fight scene with Shinzonís Viceroy.





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