A Little Foreplay    NC 17    

        The title says it all ;)



An Alaskan Night    PG 13    

        Visiting Will's childhood home in Alaska,  Deanna is serenaded.



Anniversaries    PG 13    - work in progress         

        About a year after Nemesis.



Clandestine Rendezvous    PG       

        Riker and Troi bump into each other in the middle of the night with very little time to talk.



Clandestine Rendezvous II    G       

        Continuation of a little girl's dreams.  Read part one to know what that means.



Dreams Do Come True    PG    

        Shortly after their wedding ceremony, Will and Deanna get some time alone.



Family Matters    PG    

        Deanna and Will visit Deanna's home on Betazed and begin discussing starting a family of their own.



Life Sentence     R    

        After the Briar Patch mission, Deanna tries to remember the last relationship Will had and comes up with an inventive way to get him to confess.



Looking In    PG    

        Little fluff based on Keats' Ode to Psyche set just after Insurrection.



Love Conquers All    G    

        Takes place within Nemesis, so if you don't want a movie spoiler don't read it.



Love Scene     NC 17     

        Picks up where Love Conquers All leaves off.



Miscommunication     PG 13     




Nightmares    R       

        On their honeymoon, Will and Deanna have to make a resolution with a demon.



Of Birthdays and Babies     PG                      

        Deanna's birthday.



Open Door    G    

        Answer to QD's challenge of what happened between the kiss and the bubble bath in Insurrection.



Poker Night     R    

        After the Briar Patch mission the senior staff of the Enterprise gather for their usual poker game, and they question Will's motive for shaving his beard. 



Practice Makes Perfect    PG      




Self Therapy     PG    

        Pre Nemesis.



Reception     PG 13   

        Captain and Mrs. Riker run into an old friend after their wedding on Betazed.



Tentative Step    PG 13           

        Post Insurrection - Pre Nemesis.



Too Aristocratic    R   

        Deanna ponders what to do when she loses her empathic ability during the episode: The Loss.  Will tries to lend a helping hand.



Too High A Price    G    

        Once the war with the Dominion is over, Deanna reflects on how lucky she is.



Truth and Consequences    R    

        Will and Deanna wonder if they should start an intimate relationship again after leaving the Briar Patch.  Based on a passage from Imzadi (Peter David)  "Secretly, you're grateful for the chance to bring me 'up' to your level so that you can then feel better about allowing yourself to come 'down' to the more basic altitude of my level."



Twenty Years    PG 13   

        Continuation of Where Do We Stand in Deanna's POV.



Undeniable Urges    PG 13           

        A little fluff placed immediately after Insurrection.



Untitled - Missing scene from Insurrection     PG    

        What happened between Will and Deanna after the bubble bath and before Deanna joined the Captain's away mission.



Untitled 2     R                     

        Part of this story is based off of A Time to Heal by David Mack.



Untitled 3     PG 13                     

        Borrowed some people out of A Time to Heal, by David Mack.



Wedding Night    R    

        Will doesn't understand what Deanna expects him to say on their wedding night. 



Where Do We Stand     PG    

        First person perspective of Will thinking about Deanna's and his relationship.



Who's In Control     R   

        Will is offered a promotion and discusses it with Deanna.   Trek X spoiler.



Why    G   

        A late night discussion.




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