A Birthday Wish    R      

        Response to some list challenges..



Above and Beyond   - work in progress    R    

        During First Contact, the movie.



Answer to Challenge #1    R     

        Response to a challenge posted to the Imzadi list - see inside for description.



Answer to Challenge #2    R    

        Response to a challenge posted to the Imzadi list - see inside for description.

Alternate Endings:       Caught #1          Caught #2           Caught #3



Blink of the Eye     R

        Taken from the book Dark Mirror by Diane Duane, this is my version of what might have happened had Will also gone over to the 'alternate universes' Enterprise and met up with the evil Deanna Troi.



Breaktime    R     

        During the movie 'Insurrection'



The Game        R/NC 17      

        Sometime after First contact



The Imzadi Saga    R     

        An ongoing story that is set after the movie Nemesis. **SPOILERS are present so beware**

Time To Say Goodbye            Recoil            Deviations         Heir Apparent        The Little Things..  



Interruptions    NC 17

        Intimate time is hard to find for Riker and Troi. Especially when a certain Klingon gets involved.



Land of Make Believe    R

        Takes place after the episode 'Frame of Mind'. Can Will use his acting abilities to get closer to Deanna?



Matchmaker's Fire    R

        A Fuh-Q challenge. Can Lwaxana play matchmaker for her daughter and William?



Peer Pressure    PG 13    

        Response to challenge #5 posted to the Imzadi list - see inside for description



Perfect     NC 17

        A possible solution as to what happens when Will leaves Kamala's cabin in 'The Perfect Mate'.



Rewind    PG 13

        A Valentines Day challenge. Riker tries to go back and fix 'that mistake' that he had made years ago when Deanna found him in bed with Wendy Roper.



Sins of the Father    R

        Will an away team mission bring Riker and Troi together, or get them both killed?



Sold    R

        Will volunteers to be auction-bait for a Betazoid celebration. Who will be the lucky lady that gets to bring him home. With an alternate ending!



Superman     R

        Will gains 'superhuman' power. Will Deanna survive the change?



To Boldly Go...    PG 13  




Trick or Treat      PG 13      

        Set after Generations



Winter's Solstice      PG 13      

        Approx. one week after the discovery of Thomas Riker on Nervala IV






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