A Change of Heart      PG 13     




A Commitment From The Universe      PG 13     

        Challenge response - From Generations.. when the Nexus comes.. well we only see Picard's version of the Nexus. Guinan comes an visits him which tells us the Enterprise is also in the Nexus. So here's the deal.. write a story about how you think Riker and Troi's experience with the Nexus would have been. 



Accident of Fate     NC-17             

        work in progress



An Imzadi Valentine    NC 17 

        Valentine's story



Another Life    PG 13

        work in progress - 3 chapters



At Last    PG      

        A challenge response to the wedding pic for Nemesis. 



Baby Steps      PG 13 




Beginnings    PG 13

        Two months after Insurrection.



Beyond This Life     PG 13

        work in progress - 2 chapters



Bliss      NC 17     




Butterflies Are Free     R




Connections     PG 13




The Conversation    PG 13  

        Dialogue piece



Different Choices      PG 13

        Haven scene rewritten



Divergent Paths       PG 13

        work in progress - 1 chapter



Falling Like Rain      PG 13

        Will's POV - post Second Chances.



From The Ashes      PG

        Challenge response



Future's Gain      PG 13     




Haunted       PG 13

        work in progress - 4 chapters



I Will Always Love You     PG




Imperfect World     R

        work in progress - 20 chapters



Imzadi's Loss      PG

        work in progress - 14 chapters



Intimate Strangers     NC 17

        Post Insurretion



Journey's End       G




Kailyn's Choice      PG 13     




The Land of Eros      NC 17




Lessons      PG




Lost Opportunities     PG




Lwaxana's Wish      PG 13




Mirror Mirror     PG 13




Moments In Between    PG 13      

        A challenge response for a missing scene from Insurrection. 



Realizations     PG




Reflections    PG 13




Regrets     PG 13




Reunions       G              

        Father's Day challenge response



Right Here        PG-13               

        Will has a long overdue conversation.



Smooth      R




Solace    R

        work in progress - 2 chapters



Spider      PG




Still Life, With Fruit     PG 13

        Response to challenge



Unexpected Blessings      PG




Wedding Day Initiation    PG 13    

        This is my version of Carolís challenge.  It goes a tad beyond Deannaís thoughts before the wedding, and Iíve also made up my own version of what happened when Will and Deanna met. 



Will's Christmas Angel     PG

        work in progress - 1 chapter



Will's Christmas Surprise   PG

        work in progress - 1 chapter



Winter Fire     PG 13




You Made Me Love You       PG

        Will's POV



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