A Counselor, A Bridge Officer and A Heroine    PG      

        Set after the fifth season episode 'Disaster'. 



A Perfect Moment In Time    PG     

        Three people deal with the changes in their relationships after the Briar Patch.



Afterwards      R      

        Sequel to 'Previously', the stories reflect on the so-called unseen scenes in Insurrection.



Always and Forever     R      

        An Away Mission goes wrong.



An Unstable Factor    PG     

        Deanna does her thing during First Contact.



Around The Corner     G      

        Just around the corner lies the faith that awaits you. During Encounter at Farpoint.



Behind The Door     G      

        About a year before Nemesis. Will asks a question that sends Troi hiding. (Sequel to Around the Corner?)



Best of Friends     PG 13       

        Will and Deanna have a little heart to heart talk and come to some important conclusions.



Boys   G    

        Thoughts after Nemesis.



Changes    PG      

        Will Riker reflects on recent changes aboard the Enterprise. Kinda POV style, kinda not. 



Connection Sealed     PG 13       

        Riker saves the last dance, but not for Deanna Troi.



The Dance of Imzadi        R/NC 17       

        An eternal dance caught in one night.



The Day Before    R/NC 17     

        Will Riker is going through two kinds of hell in one night...



Dark Reflections     PG       

        Directly after Dark Mirror, Troi reflects on meeting herself.



Doctor's Orders     NC 17       

        About 2.5 years after Nemesis.



Ego's and Marriages   G/PG    




Four Words     PG       

        Questions, questions and one answer.



Friends and Healing     PG       

        In the aftermath of Man of the People, friends help each other to recover and face each other to begin to heal.



His Gift     PG     




Holding On        PG 13       

        About 8 years after Nemesis... Deanna receives a visitor from the past.



I See     PG       

        Just before Insurrection - songfic, Deanna Troi comes to a realization.



Icing On The Cake        PG       

        Anywhere before Insurrection.



If Only     PG     




Jahe'irü shoaul     PG       

        Aftermath of Nemesis.



Journey To The Past     PG      co-written with Jazzy     

        Post Nemesis - Deanna's reflection on events in her life..





        The End     PG 13    

            Imzadi is forever....or is it? First story of the Katara Trilogy.  Post Insurrection. No notion taken from Nemesis spoilers.


        The Wedding       PG 13    

            Six years ago Deanna caught Will in bed with another woman the night before their wedding. Hurt she called off the wedding and left the Enterprise to assume a teaching post at the Starfleet Academy on Earth. Will took the Captaincy of the USS Titan. Now both return to the Enterprise for a long awaited wedding. Second story of the Katara Trilogy.


        New Beginnings    PG 13    

            Will and Deanna meet again.



Little Drabble     PG     

        100 words exactly, no plot, just an Imzadi-moment.



Marriage Is...      PG     

        Deanna and Beverly have a talk...



Memories     PG       

        Memories can be all sorts of things, but never wasted.



Midnight Counseling Series


        Midnight Counseling   G    

           Late night session in Ten Forward.. Set during I, Borg



        Midnight Counseling II   G    

           Late night session in Ten Forward continued..



         Midnight Counseling III   G    

            Late night session in Ten Forward continued..



         Midnight Counseling IV   G    

            Late night session in Ten Forward continued - Set just after Data's Day.


         Midnight Counseling V   G    

            Late night session in Ten Forward continued


         Midnight Counseling VI   G    

            Late night session in Ten Forward continued - Set after Clues


         Midnight Counseling VII   G         

            Late night session in Ten Forward continued - Set in the aftermath of Night Terrors



Musickmakers     PG 13     

        Set during the episode 'The Survivors', Will comes to see what's wrong with Deanna.



Musings Of The Heart   PG    

        No real plot...



Previously    PG      

        Short romantic interlude, set during Insurrection, pre-Brair Patch.



Quantum Flux     R       

        What happened to Deanna in the last quantum reality Worf visited?



Rage     R      

        Will decides it's time to change his relationship with Deanna.



Sharing     PG       

        Set after Future Imperfect; Riker discovers he isn't the only one affected by his experience with Barash.



The Smile        PG 13       

        Strange, inconclusive, short, without real plot and not quite what the title would have you think.



The Spell     PG      




Storybook Love     R       

        Six years after Nemesis - Sequel to {This moment, Forever} though it's not necessary to read that story first.



This Moment, Forever     PG     

        Response to songfic challenge - early-morning musings...



Times Long Past     PG       

        Post Insurrection, Pre Nemesis. Reflections before the big day.



Together    G       

        Deanna reflects on her life.



Torn       R           

        Several years after Nemesis something happens that rattles Will and Deanna's world.



Xiara  (Official title: Xiara esta, ta Fira xi) Part I      R      

        Deanna Troi is faced with quite possibly the toughest year of her life, unlucky for her Will Riker is no where in sight.



Xiara II       R/NC 17           

        work in progress.





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