A Dream Away   R 

        Will and Deanna's deepest desires haunt their dreams - can they make them a reality?


A Piece of Grass in the Jungle    co-written with Pam and Robin    NC 17    

        - work in progress - 



Amor Vincit Omnia     NC 17      

        work in progress



Behind the Lights - work in progress   PG 13 

        First 6 chapters.. 


Beneath the Surface - work in progress    R  

        First 7 chapters..


By A Thread   PG 13 

        Deanna's life hangs in the balance - can Will get there in time?


Cradle of Deception   PG 13 

        Will and Deanna's life seems to finally be perfect.  They are married, expecting their first child and Will is Captain of the Enterprise.  Then they receive some life altering news from Starfleet.  How will this affect their future?



Deliver Us From Evil/Distant Echo     R   

          - work in progress      



Desperate Measures - work in progress   PG 13 

        First 7 chapters.. 


Echoes of the Heart   PG 

        Will and Deanna are on their honeymoon... so why is Will being kept up at night fearing his dreams?


Eye of the Dragon - work in progress  R  

        An Imzadi Fairy tale - First 7 chapters..


The Eye of the Storm    R - NC 17 

        Just as Will is about to be Captain of the Enterprise - Deanna resigns her commission. Can they work everything out in the midst of a storm?

False Pretenses - work in progress   R - NC 17
        First 13 chapters..


The Force Behind the Power  G 

        A missing scene from Best of Both Worlds.


The Forgotten   PG 13

        After being rescued from a deserted planet, Will and Deanna return to find out what really happened during the year they were there.


Ghost Of A Chance   PG 

        A newly engaged Will is called upon for a mission to Betazed in order to save existence as they know it.


Home   G

        Deanna reflects back on her life during a visit to her childhood home on Betazed.


Imperfections  G 

        Deanna's POV - as she sits by Will's bedside in sickbay, she has a few realizations.


In Retrospect   R 

        Riker's POV -- Deanna, a little green dress and a fantasy.


In the Same Breath   - work in progress   R 

        First 51 chapters..


Just Say the Word    R 

        Sitting in a bar, a married Will gets sent a drink from a woman whom he was just having illicit thoughts about.


Lessons    G 

        Challenge Response.. Deanna returns from Betazed a couple of days early only to find that Will has done something he was hoping she would never find out about. 


Lord of the Manor   NC 17

        Post Insurrection.  Sir William and Lady Deanna check out a few holoprograms found in the database of the Enterprise.


Lucid Insanity   R 
        Near death, Will is rescued from Melona IV.  Not cleared for duty, Will and Deanna head to a retreat to get to the bottom of what might have happened to him while on the planet.


Negotiations   PG 13  

        Deanna makes a visit to Captain Riker's office on behalf of a young ensign in the middle of the night.


Obsession   R  

        After Will saves a Princess from her captors and takes her back to the Enterprise - some very weird things begin to happen. Can their source be found in time?


Paradise    PG 13

        Will returns to Alaska to make peace with his past.


Portal of Dreams - work in progress   PG  

        First 2 chapters..


Razor's Edge - work in progress   R

        First 7 chapters..


Resistance Is Futile  R  

        First person of both Will and Deanna as they rationalize their desire for each other to themselves.


Revenge   PG 13  

        After being gone for a year, Will returns to the Enterprise to take over as Captain and to restart his relationship with Deanna.  Someone out there seems to have other plans for Captain Riker.


Revenge Tastes A Lot Like Cotton Candy - work in progress    R
        First 2 chapters..


Second Sight   R  

        An A/U Riker & Troi go to help the Will and Deanna during First Contact, the movie.


Self - Destruction - work in progress   R
        First 9 chapters..


The Seven Year Itch   R 

         Tongue-n-cheek look at life after 7 years aboard the Enterprise.


Thoughts, Dreams and Miracles   PG 

         First person - Riker does some reflecting about his life.  


Turn of Events  PG 13 

        Will and Deanna have started their relationship again and Will is offered a captaincy but neglects to tell Deanna.  Just as they are to confront the issue - they are kidnapped off the ship.


The Ultimate Sacrifice   PG 13  

        Will learns to cope with life on board the Enterprise after Deanna leaves with another man to start a new life on Larouvia until Starfleet calls them to the planet.  Following the clues - the crew tries to figure out the mystery left behind.


United We Stand   R 

        Will, Deanna and Tom Riker go on the adventure of their lives.


Unnecessary Proposals  R 

        On the eve of Riker taking command of the Enterprise - he and Troi have a discussion about marriage.


Unshed Tears   PG 13 

        Will and Deanna pose as honeymooners to get to the bottom of a mystery happening on Risa.


Until Next Time    G 

        Challenge Response - While deciding whether to move into the new house, Deanna and Will run across some letters of many years ago.


Voice of an Angel   PG 

        Will tries desperately to go on with life after a shuttle crash and receives help from an unexpected source.


When Darkness Falls   PG   

        During a routine away mission - something terrible happens to Deanna.  Thinking she is gone, Will must find the strength to reach inside himself and their bond to save her.



Where Angels Dwell   R - NC 17

        work in progress



Whispers   G 

        Will's POV - An introspection of decisions made.


Window of Opportunity - work in progress    R 

        First 11 chapters.. 


Yellow Roses   R  

        A year has passed since Will and Deanna's daughter was taken from them.  Can they put the pieces back together with Tom's help?



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