Could Have Been    G         

        Two part story told from both Riker and then Troi's POV. When life throws curves....



Dark of the Night (A honeymoon story)    R           

        Post Nemesis.



Heart's Breath   G




I Watch You    G         




If I Wait    PG         




Knowing    PG

        One moment can change everything.



The Life and Loves of Deanna Troi    PG         

        Everywhere from begininning to end and beyond...



Lines    PG




Lost    PG

        Follows the episode "The Loss".



Observers Of Fate    PG         




One More Perfect Day    PG

        Deanna's thoughts to Will after he left her on Betazed in "Imzadi".



Run    PG

        A confession from Will to Deanna.



Simply Routine    PG

        Songfic inspired at the Toby Keith concert. :).



Still Tonight    PG      

        Songfic inspired by "Hands to Heaven"



To Remember     PG

        Coda to "Menage A Troi", just a few unresolved moments.



Tomorrow    PG         

        Set sometime in the first few years on the Enterprise.



Waking Up    PG

        Set after Insurrection - songfic.



What Do You Do?    PG         




Whisper     PG

        In the quiet, there is truth.






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