After All This Time      PG           

        Sometime early on when they weren't a couple.



Anniversary      PG      

        Response to a challenge posted to the Imzadi list - see inside for description.



Assumptions     PG    

       Deanna sees Will in the arms of another woman. Will this be the end of Imzadi?



Baby, It's Cold Outside     PG    




Beyond Reason     PG 13   

        A different take on how Will & Deanna come to be Imzadi.



Blessings     G   

        Will realizes what’s really important in his life.



Bon Voyage     PG      

        Post Nemesis - Riker and Picard say their farewells.



Boundaries     PG 13   

        Will and Deanna take a long look at their choices...



Conversation on ... Chocolate    PG 13 

        Will is in a playful mood. (Post Insurrection)



Crossing the Line     G   

        It's time ...



Destiny     PG 13   

        History is destined to repeat itself - or is it? Response to a Lyrics Challenge posted to the Imzadi_Pro List in November 2001.



Dreamers     PG 13      

        Inspired by a conversation with a friend...



Echoes   G

        Poem inspired by Imzadi



Eternal Flame     R      

        Set after  “Letting Go”   Will & Deanna’s paths cross again two years after Will’s wedding. Will their past come back to haunt them?



Eternally Yours     PG      




Fantasies     NC 17      

        Deanna fulfills a fantasy.



Fire    NC 17    

        Post Nemesis ..



Full Circle   PG 

        Independent sequel to 'Conversation ... on Chocolate  The Imzadi couple makes a decision on their future (Post Insurrection)



Goodbyes     PG      




Healing     PG      

        Will is not coping well in the aftermath of a failed away mission.



Heartache   PG 13      

        Deanna is battling frustration and pain, and she takes it out on the ones closest to her, including Will.



The Hours Trilogy: No Ordinary Love     R   - work in progress   

       Set immediately after Nemesis..



Imzadi Drabble     PG       




Inevitable      PG           

        A foregone conclusion...



Late Night Meeting     PG 13      




Leap Of Faith    PG 13    

        Deanna contemplates her future after Will surprises her.



Letting Go     PG   

        Time has run out for Will & Deanna.



Loss    PG 13    

        Will must go on...



Miracle   G     

        Response to challenge #5 posted to the Imzadi list - see inside for description.



No Words     PG    

        Will & Deanna make a pact of silence. 



One Last Breath     R      

       Song Fic - "One Last Breath" by Creed. Will and Deanna's lives change forever in the face of personal tragedy.



Random Thoughts    G      




The Reason Why     PG 13      

        Post Nemesis..



Reflections      PG           




Right In Front Of You         




Second Chances     PG 13   

        Follow-up to This Moment, Forever..



Shades of Grey  - work in progress    R      

        Could be seen as an independent sequel to 'Goodbye'.



Tequila Temptation     NC 17   

        What happened between the time where Deanna passed out in the bar and the next scene where she was sober once again? (ST: First Contact)



This Moment, Forever     PG    

       Sequel to Baby, It's Cold Outside.



Three Little Words      PG           




Time Out    G

        Post Nemesis - Family time for the Rikers.



Turning Back Time     PG 13   

        Deanna has a very special birthday wish.



Too Close For Comfort?     PG   

        Set in Season One leading up to the decision of where to draw the line.



Untitled   PG      

        Post Nemesis - moment in time.



The Void     PG    




Wedded Bliss  - work in progress    R      

        Post Nemesis..






Being There 

        Being There       PG     

                This is a first person piece, a moment in time. It’s written from Deanna’s POV. 



        Being There II       PG     

                A sequel to Being There.  It’s written from Will’s POV.



        Moments In Between    R      

                Set between “Being There” parts II & III.  Deanna's and Will's relationship evolve.



        Being There III      PG 13    

                A sequel to Being There II.  It's written from Cecily's POV.



        Choices I     G   

                First person  - Will's POV.  Will reflects on his and Deanna’s choices, and on the consequences they bear. 



        Choices II     G    

                First person - Deanna's POV.  Deanna reflects on hers and Will’s choices, and on the consequences they bear.



        Different Choices I     G    

                Sequel to Choices I & II.   Deanna is presented with a decision that could change hers and Will’s lives forever.



        Different Choices II     PG   

                Conclusion to Choices series.  The conclusion … what choices do Will & Deanna make?




Run To You

        Run To You     PG      

                Deanna POV - Riker and Troi are at a crossroads...



        Honesty     PG      

                Will's POV - followup to "Run To You."



        The Time Is Now     PG        

                The last in the story arc that started with “Run To You.”




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