Carol H

A Titan Christmas      PG       




A Titan New Year      PG 13       

        Sequel to A Titan Christmas.



Advice From An Unlikely Source      PG                   




Back From The Ares    PG      

        Will and Deanna are reunited after 5 years. 



The Birthday Party      PG 13       

        Using the characters from Secrets....



Brought Together      PG      

        This story assumes that Will and Deanna got married after "Imzadi", but were divorced.  Unfortunately, I make Lwaxana out to be a villain in this but since she didn't like Will at first, it's probably not the worst thing I can do. 



Confusion Reigns    PG      

        Deanna meets a friend of Will's but is she just a friend? 



Decisions Made      PG      




Disaster     PG 13       

        Response to a challenge... see inside for details.



The End Of An Era      PG      




First Anniversary      PG 13       

        Response to first anniversary challenge.



The Gift      PG 13                   




Girl Talk     PG 13       

        Response to a challenge... missing scene from Insurrection.



Happy Birthday Dad      PG                   




Honeymoon Adventures      PG       

        This is based on a sentence or two from the exerpt of "Taking Wing" (Titan book 1).



Imzadi Reunion      G      

        Will and Deanna are reunited after 30 years by 2 unlikely sources.



Into The Nexus      PG      




Letters      PG                   

        This is set about 25 years after Nemesis.



Letting Go      PG 13                   




The Longest 30 Minutes      PG      

        Set after Man of the People.



The Loving Ghost      PG 13                   




Mardi Gras      PG 13                   




Menage A Troi      PG                   

        Missing Scene from Menage A Troi.



Mother's Daughter      PG                   




Nemesis      PG       

        Response to a challenge... see inside for details.



Recovery      PG 13                   

        Takes place approximately a month after Lost Souls ends..



Riker Family Christmas       PG                   

        Christmas with the Rikers.



Secrets      PG 13       

        There is one spoiler from Taking Wing (based on the excerpt at the end of A Time for War a Time for Peace) and my speculation as to who the Titan's first officer will be.



Super Parises Square Bowl      PG 13                   




Surprise      PG 13       

        Set about six months after Nemesis and involves a character from the novel Imzadi.



Titanic Romance     PG     

        A time-space anomaly sends Will and Deanna to the maiden voyage of Titanic.



Together At Last     PG     

        The Enterprise crew celebrates an Earth holiday.



The Understanding      PG 13                   

        Will reacts badly to the inquiry regarding the Enterprise D.



Unexpected Advice      PG 13       

        Something I've been mulling over in my head since I read A Time to Hate. It's a small segment that, if Robert Greenberger had written it, would have taken place near the end of the book. It does contain spoilers for A Time to Hate.



Valentine's Day Encounter      PG 13                   




Vengeance      PG 13       




The Vows      PG 13                   




Winter Fun      PG 13       

        Using the characters from Secrets...





*Introduction Trilogy*


The Introduction      PG                   

        Tasha Riker is introduced.



The Introduction 2     PG                   

        Tasha Riker is introduced.



The Introduction 3      - coming soon     PG                   

        Tasha Riker is introduced.





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