A Christmas Fairytale   PG
        Will takes Deanna to meet a very special person, but forgets to warn her about the tradition that comes with him.



A Final Chance    PG 13
        Thomas is finally coming back to reclaim his lost love, Deanna. Will is beside himself with grief.



A Night to Remember    PG 13
        Will’s forgets an important date until its too late.



A Question of Love     PG              
        Challenge: to write the lyrics of a song into a story. I chose 'that's what love's about' by Marty Stuart.
worf comes to Will for advice when he's having trouble expressing his feelings to Deanna.



A Speck In The Distance    PG 13
        Will is so severely traumatised by an event that happened on a planet, he and Deanna go home to Alaska to recuperate.



Absolute Beginnings     R              
        An alternate first meeting for Deanna and Will. This time it is Deanna who is the pushy and very ardent one. Does Will turn her away? Hell, no!



The Anniversary      PG              
        It's an anniversary that neither Will or Deanna, or Tom will ever forget..



The Battle Within   PG
        Deanna leaves Will, and he is devastated. That is until he receives a letter from her, and finally understands.



Battling The Stormclouds   PG
        An argument, a few harsh words, a lot of making up.



Behind Closed Doors    PG
        What Deanna first thought of Will when she spotted him through the doors at Chandra’s wedding, the moment before Will first laid eyes on her.



Being There    PG
        The conversation between Will and Deanna just after the crew have found out she is expecting the alien child.



Belonging     PG              
        On a romantic picnic the discussion gets a little too personal and Will is relentless when he wants to know about Deanna's past lovers.



The Birthday Wish      PG 13    




Closure      PG    

        Set after the episode "The Host".



The Compromise  PG    

        Response to challenge #5 posted to a  Imzadi list - see inside for description.



The Confrontation    PG
        Will has been seeing someone else, and only herself and her best friend know who it is.



The Cost of Destiny    NC 17              
        I often thought about Will & Dee's first meeting and wondered how it would be if Deanna didn't actually ~want~ to become Imzadi. So this story is basically the total opposite of the original storyline.



The Dark Dream     PG              
        Will is injured and loses his memory. He thinks he's still in Alaska and still a high-school jock. Even when he is cared for by a woman who obviously adores, he still can't believe it's true.



Deanna's Eternal Secret    R              
        Will and Deanna go on leave for a romantic holiday. But when Will comes back from an impromptu chocolate shopping trip, Deanna is stunned by his ardour when he makes love to her on the balcony of their hotel room. And then she looks into the crowds below and sees a familiar face....



Desert Heat   R    

        Will, Deanna, a desert... what more can you ask for?



Desperation    PG
        Deanna is fixated with a visitor and is hell bent on humiliating herself in front of her friends and crewmates. But Will is about to let her.



Diamond Destiny    PG
        Will presents Deanna with a rose, but its not received like he imagined.



Forbidden Longings     R    

        Beverly found it hard to let Will go after Odan left, that was until Deanna realised that things were getting out of hand.



Fighting Ghosts     NC 17    

        After Second Chances sometime.



Forgotten Words      PG       

        Set after First Contact.



From A Distance    R              
        Deanna starts her career at Starfleet and Will is the unlucky souls to be lumbered with looking out for her.



Girls Talk    PG 13
        Deanna are having a heart to heart in the Ten forward lounge and it gets a little personal.



Going Back      PG   

        When Will left Betazed from the infamous book, 'Imzadi'.



Heaven or Hell     R              
        Caught in a planets magical web it sends the men on board the Enterprise into a sexual frenzy. Will naturally turns to Deanna, but passion soons turns to pain.



Hell is Heaven     R              
        Same planet, same sexual frenzy, only this time it's the captain and the doctor in trouble. Or are they?.



Hidden Desires      PG 13              
        Deanna is dating but is surprised when Will tells her he fancies someone too. Intent on helping him land the woman, she's in for a shock when she finds out the woman in question is her.



Hide and Seek      R     

        Set just after Ba'ku.



Holding On To Hope      R       

        Set sometime in the future.



Home Is Where The Heart Is     PG 13   

        Will meets another Betazoid and falls in love. This is until he leaves the Enterprise and realises just how much he has left behind.



I Dare You   PG 13    

        An evening in Ten Forward take has a turn of events..



Imzadi - The Lost Chapters     R    

        My interpretation of what happened from the moment Deanna walked away from Will in the museum in the book ’Imzadi’, up to the first episode ’Encounter at Farpoint’.   



Innocent Longings    PG 13    

        Wesley has a crush on Deanna, but Deanna is having trouble resisting him.



The Insubordinate    PG 13    

        Does Deanna have competition for Will's attention?



Intimate Thoughts    NC 17     

        Worf is dating Deanna, but wants to get to know her more intimately, but asks the wrong person for help.



Just Let Her Go     PG              
        Tom's POV.



Leaving A Memory Behind      R      

        After nemesis, before Titan.



Living the Dream      PG     

        Set in the early days after boarding the Enterprise.



Lost In Love      PG 13              
        Two men. Two battles. One woman caught between the two.



Memory For Keeps     PG              
        Episode: Future Imperfect follow on: Will had forgotten how much he'd loved Minuet, but Deanna helped him to forget again.



Mistletoe and Kisses    PG
        Will plays a prank on Deanna with her crew mates in the Ten forward lounge.



Moonlight Confessions    PG         
        Will and Tom catch up...



Rebuilding Broken Bridges    PG 13
        An affair that Deanna has with a visiting dignitary devastates Will, but Deanna doesn’t understand why until he opens his heart to her.



Reunion    NC 17              
        Deanna goes to Will for comfort after a breakup.



Secrets and Lies     PG 13    

        Both Will and Deanna are living two separate lives: One as lifelong friends, the other with their ultimate fantasies.



Silent Whispers     R              
        Alone and very heavily pregnant, Deanna pleads for one, true saviour to come to her rescue. Needless to say, he comes and takes her back home where she belongs.



Simplicity      PG 13              
        An alternate meeting on Betazed.



The Step    PG
        What happened after Deanna said those immortal words ’Yuk!’



Storm of Desire    R
        Deanna is home alone and in desperate need of Will’s company, so she digs out her little black box.



Surrounded    PG      

        Future as in after Nemesis



Taking A Chance    PG 13
        Worf takes Deanna to a Klingon ship, thinking he was doing what was best for the both of them. But Deanna was pregnant, and Will wanted her back where she belonged, with him.



The Tears I Cry    PG     
        A story of realizations for both Will and Deanna.



Tears of Hope    PG
        Will is critically injured and wants to die. Deanna battles to not let it happen.



The Tentative Touch     PG 13    

        After Insurrection.



That's What Best Friends Are For     PG 13    

        Deanna turns to her friend when its discovered she has only one chance to have a baby, and within 6 months. Who else to ask but Will. 



Time    PG 13     



The Unseen Saviour     R              
        A desperate battle on the planet Lanaare forces Deanna to keep silent about her unborn baby. But why?.



The Visitor    PG 13    

        The child from the novel ’A rock and a hard place’ comes aboard as a fully grown woman, intent on capturing the man of her dreams.. Will Riker.



Waiting To Let Go    PG
        Will has lost a close friend, Deanna is waiting for his tears to let go.



The War Within      R       

        After Insurrection.



We Danced       PG 13              
        Worf is dating Deanna until at a dance 'that' song came on and everything changed.



When Love Needs More Than Words    PG 13     

        Deanna challenges Will to take on a traditional and sacred Betazoid ritual to prove his love for her.



Who's Fooling Who?     PG 13              
        Will and Deanna hate each. But, do they really?



Who’s Teasing Who?    PG 13
        Will is fascinated by Deanna’s new assets. Deanna is fascinated by Will’s constant ministrations.



The Wrong Side Of The Track     PG    

        This story is set putting Will and Deanna on Earth at the turn of the 21st century.





*Ficlets (Short Stories)*  



A Lesson For Geordi  PG   Hate, The Other Side of Love  PG 13 Not Enough      PG Teaser    PG 13
Before You    PG      Holding On  PG  Not Fair      PG         That Body       PG 
Best Time       R         I Wonder       PG      

One Day     PG

The Thief       PG     
The Birthday Wish    PG 13   I'm Sorry       PG       One Day At A Time       PG        Thoughts      PG
Blessed     PG   Infinity Calling       PG       One Special Love     PG Time Out       PG      
The Boob    PG  Invasion       PG  One Step      PG   The Tormentor       R
Caught With Carol    PG   Invisible Chains       PG       Only One Love      PG 13 The Touch    PG-13      
Countdown    PG    Isn't It Strange?    PG  The Pain       PG         True Imzadi    PG  
Deanna Troi    PG  Jean-Luc Picard - God  PG 13  Pretence      PG   Tub For Two    PG 13 
Destiny's Rose     PG       The Kiss      PG 13  The Promise       PG       The Ultimate Gift    PG 
Devotion  PG   Knowing      PG The Question      PG Us      PG 
End Of The Dream    PG   Let Him Go       PG       Remembering    PG The Void      PG     
Eternal Silence      PG      Let Me In       PG       Request       PG-13       The Wait      PG 
Face To Face       PG       The Lift       NC-17       The Ritual      PG Waking Up     PG 13 
Facing Truths       PG       Looking For Me      PG Say Hello      PG  When We Became One       PG    
Feelings    PG 13 Looking For You       PG       The Second First Time  PG 13 Why      PG      
Forbidden Fruit     PG      Lost Chance      PG  Secrets       PG       Will vs. Barclay      PG-13    
Ghost of a Chance  PG 13 My Man     PG 13  Silence      PG Wishful Thinking    PG
Giving In   PG 13  The Medal      PG Silent Words      PG The Yearning      PG
Golden Moments   PG  Memories      PG       Sorry      PG You Forgot      PG
Goodbye to Imzadi     PG Mind of a Lathario    PG 13 Stop       PG       You Left        PG
The Hand     PG Normality      PG Stupidity      PG Your Tree      PG






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